My pregnancy - first trimester

Моята бременност - първи триместър

I’m now in the last trimester of my first pregnancy, but I want to start from the begging and share with you the first trimester of my pregnancy. We were so impatient for the moment when I will be pregnant, and although I’m one of those people who need 100% to be sure to believe, I somehow felt it much earlier than the pregnancy test could detect. When we saw the two lines on the pregnancy test I tell my husband that I want to be sure and I need to go to the doctor to know it really was happening.


I did not think where I wanted to watch my pregnancy, maybe I should. I advise you girls even at the moment you decide to start trying for a baby, start thinking where you want to go to counseling. In search of a doctor I decided to go to a private clinic with the idea that there I will receive attention, understanding, warm attitude. Well the doctor was not very sociable, she barely responded to our questions. She run some test and when they are ready I was instructed to write her emaiI with the tests so she can write me back and tell me the results. After all that I received a reply from the doctor which the answer was as follows – “After the next menstruation, come back for second medical examination.” – I want to emphasize that I left my name and all info she needed at the first medical examination and all that with the idea that first this woman will check which patient I am. As you may have guessed, I did not go back to her, and then I realized that it did not matter if you were in the privete clinic or state Hospital.The doctor is the important one, so choose wisely.

I lead my consultation at Serdica Hospital at doctor Konstantin Petrov. A wonderful doctor honest with the pations, with a sense of humor, he seems to love his work and has a  great relationship with his patients.

I had a lot of things to look at for the first review, but that’s what the doctors were about the interesting part about this first review. Otherwise, as with every excitement, it was immense in me and my husband. We saw our little dots, everything was fine, it was doing well.


The first symptom that told me I was pregnant was a very strange temperature. One day before menstruation, I felt I was getting a fever. I measured my temperature and it was 37.4C I decided not to rush to drugs immediately because we were trying to have a baby and I did not know yet if I was pregnant. I decided after a while to measure it again and the temperature was 36.7C. It was very strange and so all night at intervals of time I did have a fever. I didn’t get any medication, but I start to think that I want to do a pregnancy test – I’ve already have test at home, so with my husband we waited the test together and saw a second very pale trace, so pale that you’re calling yourself if we’re not imagining. The next day, the line was much more visible, and then we felt that the test was positive.
I was so lucky honestly I admit, because I didn’t vomit, I had nausea in the third month, but I was saved by chewing gum and mint tea. Also I had to stop drinking coffee because only the smell of it started to get me nauseous, my sense of smell was so strong, I had a sense of smell of everything for miles.
As you know, when the cycle is late and most women realize they are pregnant, they are already in the week 4-5 – the beginning of the second month – where the need to go to the toilet in 5 minutes appears and I have not missed that happiness. That is maybe the most common symptom of early pregnancy.
Perhaps the most drastic symptom was lack of energy, I could not keep my eyes open, there were days when I was sleeping for 16 hours, or I had to take a nap in the afternoon because I thought I would fall asleep doing my daily activities. I can assure you that all this lack of energy was gone in the end of the third month, so just be passionate and soon you will feel nomer again.


I was very surprised when at the end of the third month I had a little belly, as I had read that the most women in there first pregnancy a belly appeared a lot later. But my was here and it was a great joy for our eyes. I had already moved by the pounds, at the end of the quarter I was 2 kg on top, although I did not eat like for two.


I want to finish by saying that every pregnancy is different and every organism is different and what happened to me does not mean that it will happen to you, you may have other symptoms, or the same or none, your belly may appear sooner or later. Enjoy your pregnancy from the beginning.
I’m open for questions and talks about our pregnant bellies. I will love to hear from you.


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